Writing Proficiently – Todd Pekel

Writing Proficiently is the original and effective way to “power-up” your essays. It’s the result of nearly twenty years classroom experience preparing students like you for internationally recognized, English language exams. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of students have benefited from the knowledge found in this highly effective, “how to” English essay guide to proficiency level writing.

Writing Proficiently include:

Graded Sample Essays – from a variety of major English exams

Step by Step Outlines – for common exam question types

Proficiency Builders – that “power-up” your writing

Connectors – to tie your work together

Sentence Structures – for proficient-level writing

Punctuation Guide – explains usages with examples

Brainstorming – Ideas and Techniques

Linking Words and Phrases – for all essay types

Writing Guides – for the introduction, body and conclusion

The Easy as 1-2-3 Secret – for good, effective essay writing


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